A weekend getaway to Lower-Normandy : a trip to remember WWII

It was May 8th, 1945, which is generally known as victory day in Europe, when Nazi Germany’s is finally surrendered to Allies of WWII and the war with Germany was over.

Well, my travel story started when i was too excited to know that my Company let their employees to enjoy this May 8-9th bank holiday, which is so great for someone like me who need a long weekend to getaway from my tiny town, Elbeuf.

Since, it was the day to celebrate the victory of European Allies, so I decided to have some historical trip to remember WWII in Lower Normandy. For you whose not really like historical thingy, Lower Normandy is well-known as the main thrust of Operation Overlord during the second WW. The beaches in Calvados department were the site of landings for Allies troops on the famous D-Day in June 1944. Many towns in this department were also suffered during the battle of Normandy. (source: wikipedia)

Le Mémorial de Caen – World War Museum

Anyway, there’s a lot of D-Day museums surrounding this department, but I highly recommend you to visit the biggest one “Le Mémorial de Caen” in Caen. You need 19 € to buy entrance ticket, but if you live in this department you will only pay 5€ by showing your identity card or Caen student card. It’s pretty expensive but it does really worth it to explore this museum. This museum will guide you to know not only the second WW history and mostly the Battle for Caen, but also the history during the Nazi occupation in France, cold war, until the fall of Berlin wall. I almost spent 5 hours to visit the entire museum, but it wasn’t boring at all as if I visit la Musée du Louvre in Paris. 🙂

If you still have time on the afternoon, just go rent a car to go to the famous American cemetery in Omaha Beach. It takes you 45 minutes driving. If you don’t have a car, I believe there’s a shuttle bus to take you there, just simply ask Caen office tourism. Make sure that your car provides GPS because the route is quite tricky.

the view of Omaha Beach from American Cemetery
the view of Omaha Beach from American Cemetery

Anyway, your trip to remember WWII would not be completed if you’re not going to this American Cemetery. The french built this cemetery to respect all american soldiers who died during D-Day June 6th, 1944 against German’s occupation. I have never interested on capturing french famous cemetery but this cemetery did overwhelmingly take my breath away.

The American Cemetery
The American Cemetery

One tips before visiting this cemetery is watching “saving private Ryan” movie.

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