Book Review ‘Me Before You’ – Jojo Moyes

“Heart-warming, breathtaking, unusual moving romance!”




I chose randomly this book from good reads’ website recommendation. They said “best seller” for fiction category, so it’s quite tempting to me to read this book, thought that it would gonna be a kind usual romance novel like any others romance novels, therefore this novel is awe-inspiring me a lot, and honestly say “I can’t keep my mind off of projecting the story out” since I had finished the entire novel. Well, I am kinda person that capable to picture stories that I read. Plus, birds say they will turn this book into a movie, OMG I just can’t wait!

Anyway, as I quoted before, this book is an unusual moving romance, when many romance novels are somehow very excessive in story, which is somehow is too good to be true in real life, but this novel tells me that this kind love story might be happened in real life.Love story is not only about how boys meet girls, beautiful woman falls in love with handsome man, or good girl meets bad boy and then simple broken heart,. Well, this novel create unusual character, a quadriplegic man and his carer who falling love each other unconditionally.

Breathtaking, well, the writer was so brave to build such a taboo issue into a novel, I thought that “a right to suicide” does exist only in newspapers and my human rights law-book, and people who decide to kill themselves are people who never to be grateful to have life, and family who let their member to suicide or is unreasonably crazy. I couldn’t even imagine how they could send their love one to commit a suicide in Dignitas (anyway this place does really exist in Switzerland). But, after read this novel, it made myself thinking how if I was born to be a quadriplegic? Just simply read this novel because you will drown into those feeling.

“Well writing romance novel using simple english words that easy to be understood by non-english-native-reader.”

 P.S. pardon my english grammar :p

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