Brunch at Ströke, Rouen

Well, well, well… For the sake of keeping me motivate to update my restaurant review and blogging obviously. I went to another brunch spot in Rouen with my friend. The good thing is I have a new food buddy to keep me company during my food tasting (side note: food buddy means not afraid to get fat and love eating as much as I like).

This is my second brunch tasting in Rouen. First thing to do before having brunch in France is reservation. It might be because brunch is actually not a french culture, and nowadays brunch is getting more and more popular, yet there are not much restaurants serving brunch unless you live in quite big city.

I booked a week before to get a table for 2 persons at Ströke restaurant. There are two-time slots, first time slot is at 12.00 – 14.00 and second time slot is at 14.00 – 16.00. We got in at the first time slot.


The place itself is quite big, but you cannot choose your own table, you need to get to the waitress and ask for your reservation. We got a quite place at the sofa. The table is quite small for us, so we cannot put  everything on the table. Yet, we manage to eat without any problem. I suggest you come on time, otherwise it gets busy after 1 am. This brunch is a half self-service brunch. They have the buffet of salty and sweet dishes on the corner. Also, another corner with a chef serving you some hot dishes.

photo courtesy click here

Price: 22.50€/person

What you got:
1 hot drink (tea, coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate)
1 cold drink (juices, wine, or beer)
sweet and salty buffet
orange juice and refill
hot corner (eggs, sausages, bacon, risotto, vegetables sauté, baked tomatoes, and depends on the day)

What I love about this place:
The decoration of the restaurant is pretty homey. It is really a good place to hang out and chit-chat for hours.

5 Quai de Bois guilbert
Batiment E – Espace des Marégraphes
76000 ROUEN
Phone:+33 (0) 6 31 76 69 34
Click here for reservation

Will you pay 22€ for that kind of brunch or will you prefer making your own brunch?




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