5 binge-worthy shows that can make you laugh and cry

Whether you have sometimes off to stay at home and chill or just want to turn the TV on, so you don’t feel alone at home. These are my favourite picks for binge watching that definitely can make you laugh and cry at the same time.



Raise your hand if you’re not agree with me! But this classic sitcom is our most-loved show for all time. Three young man and three young woman, of a BFF kind, living their life in an apartment complex in New York City. The sitcom started in September 1994 where the casts were at their mid twenties. They have a total 10 seasons, and the latest episode was aired on May 6, 2004. So, you will definitely have lots of episodes to catch up if you had never watched it before. For those who have already watch it through your TV long time ago, this sitcom is definitely worth watching over and over again. The chemistry between the casts in each episodes is unbeatable. The episodes can literally hit every high point and low point in life that everyone can go through in their life. Thus, can give you so much perspective about life, acceptance, true friendships, romantic relationships and being real to yourself.



I watched Modern Family for the first time on english TV channel when I was in England. Since then, I could not stop watching it and put it on over and over again. It was first aired in 2009. The series is very unique as it tells perspective from an “unseen documentary filmmaker”. The series offers a very hilarious story of three related family. First, a classic family with 3 kids, Phil and Claire has a very open relationship with their kids. Then, Jay (Claire’s dad) who re-married to a divorced latino with a kid, Gloria. Last, Mitchel (Jay’s gay son) and Cameron, his partner, have adopted Asian girl. Thus, completing a traditional, straight, gay and multicultural happy family.



Derek is a British mockementary style comedy-drama series. It follows Derek, a very nice innocent man works at retirement home. He is vulnerable, to being mocked and rejected from the society due to his childlikeness, lack of intelligence and social awkwardness.  It tells about his daily life working at the retirement home with his friends and co-workers. It is very deep, honest and hilarious at the same time. Derek gives me a reminder how we need to be kind to one another everyday.



Believe me you, I’m that kind of person that will  never watch any series about American police story. Yet, I found this series as an exception. The show tells about police detective daily job at Brooklyn’s 99th precinct. Raymond Holt, a black-gay commanding officer of the precinct. Jake Peralta, a talented and carefree cop with the best arrest record, has never had to follow the rules too closely or work very hard. Amy Santiago, a very perfectionist police detective that has never like to lose to Jake’s best arrest record. Sergeant Terry Jeffords, a devoted family man. Rosa Diaz, a sexy-yet-intimading detective. Charles Boyle,  a hard worked detective that idolized Jake and Rosa. Gina Linetti, a very funny civilian and works as secretary to Raymond Holt. Long story short, this is the most hilarious and must watch American police story that you will never ever get bored to binge in.



Queer Eye, is my recent reality TV shows that I adore to watch on. It’s about the Fab Five doing the makeovers people’s lifestyle. We got Tan France, a fashion designer. Interior designer, Bobby Berk. Antoni Porowski, food and wine specialist. Karamo Brown, culture expert and Jonathan Van Ness, grooming consultant. What I like about this show is not about the makeover, but also how the Fab Five can bring the best of the people to get better and do better for their life. The show is really inspiring to watch, very funny, and sometimes can make you cry. You definitely will need a tissue.


Click here to watch the series.

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