Zoo de la Palmyre

Hello again! I’m finally back from idling for nearly 2 months. Today, I would like to throw you some highlight from my quick summer vacation to the town called Les Mathes, in the southwest of France.

After telling all my colleagues at work that I would spend a week in this town, everyone said that I should visit their very popular Zoo, Zoo de la Palmyre. Indeed, this is one of the most beautiful zoo in France that I have ever visited.

The Zoo has opened since 1966  in the heart of a forest of maritime pines and holm oaks, not very far from the beaches of Atlantic Ocean. The zoo is very large, extending over 18 heactares, including 14 of landscapes garden. So, I definitely recommend you to wear your comfortable shoes.

Despite you can see all kind of animals, you can also enjoy a little picnic in one of their gardens. Make sure you bring something to eat and lots of water, because you need to walk at least for 4 hours to visit everything.

Another quick tips, you should avoid lunch time to visit the zoo, actually lots of animals are sleeping and hiding from the sun.

The address:

For more information before your visit, please click here


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