Hidden beach town in Normandy

Summer has not end yet! Even I save my 2 weeks paid leaves for next year, it does not mean I will stay at home and not travelling. Well, this was actually back in July, I was still very sick after came back from my previous holiday in the southwest of France. Yet, I forced my self to go out and seek some fresh air during the weekend of July 14th. Veules-Les-Roses is actually perfect destination for detoxing from polluted air. You can breath with clear air and enjoy the sound of the water flows from the river Veules.

How to get here:

The best way to get to the village is actually by car. However, you can also travel by train from Paris to Yvetot, then you can get into a connecting regional bus that will take you to the Port town, Saint Valéry en Caux, and take a local bus for 9 minutes from there. This local bus will take you directly to the village.  Click here to get your itinerary. If you travel by plane, the nearest and comfortable airport is  Aéroport le Havre – Octeville.

How to dress:

Dress whatever you want to dress depends on the weather for sure. But, I would most definitely recommend to wear a pair of comfortable shoes due to some hiking to see the panoramic scenery and visiting the watermills in middle of the woods.

Where to eat:

There are so many restaurants or creperie at the town center, however you must go to taste a very delicious waffle from the food truck of Jean-Louis Tetelin. The waffle is made from bio or organic ingredients and I can say it has always been my favourite waffle I’ve ever tasted. Besides the waffle, the food truck is also offering various salty french tartes and scones.

What to do:

Half day is actually enough to visit the whole village and sitting by the beach in Veules-les-Roses. Some of my favourite spots that you should to visit are the watermills, walking through the narrow streets in the village, the impressionist garden by the beach, and the ruins of the church of St. Nicolas and a sandstone Celtic cross.



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