5 Netflix Original shows that worth watching

Need some subjects for discussion at lunch break with your colleagues. My greatest tips are so simple – talking about Netflix series that you watch at home, then share it with works colleagues, so they could watch it too. These are my favourite picks of series that everyone loves and really worth watching.

1. Narcos

Narcos is an American tv series based on true story of the king of cocaine, Pablo Escobar. The series have 3 seasons. The first one aired in 2015, telling about the life of Pablo Escobar when he began manufacturing cocaine until he expanded the business and exported it in bulk to Miami. The series focuses in the interaction between Escobar, Columbia government and the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration).  The second season aired in 2016, started when he escaped from the prison, a lot of battles are engaged between Escobar and the police of Columbia, resulting a high tension an unrest in Columbia. The second season is ended with Escobar death. But, the series continue to the third season, telling about the aftermath after Pablo Escobar death, which lead to the new battle of DEA against the Cali cartel


If you like a series based on a true story, this series is well made, the caracter of Escobar are really well played by the main actor, Wagner Moura. Personally, it was even better than the film “Escobar” in 2017, where the lead actor and actress played by Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz.

2. The Crown

Who doesn’t love British Royals? Who does not want to know life about Queen Elizabeth II? The Crown is a historical drama tv series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.  So far we only have 2 seasons. But, the third one will air soon with new cast. The first and second seasons were outstandingly good series to watch, the Queen Elizabeth is played by british actress, Claire Foy. My favourite part was the episodes about the Queen’s sister, Princess Margareth played by Vanessa Kirby. It is very good drama series, and if you’re a fan of the Royals, then there is no excuse not to watch it.


3. You

You is psycological thriller drama tv series which first aired their first season in Lifetime, an American tv station in 2015. The series then solde to Netflix and it began to create buzz among Netflix watchers. The series stars Penn Badgley (if you watch Gossip Girl,  you must recognize him), well, he plays a murderous stalker who obsesses with a young woman he meets briefly in a bookstore where he works as a clerk. He starts learning about the young woman life through her social media, and after following her during a night out, he rescues her when she fall in to a subway tracks. Everything starts from there, then he begins to manipulate her lives.

I actually hate thriller kind of series, but this series is really interesting to watch. I cannot even wait the third season to come.



4. La Casa de Papel

Le Casa de Papel is a Spanish TV series. I think this one is the series that all my colleagues watch and discuss passionately. We even waited to discuss it until everyone has finished watching the end of the last season that just aired last July. It is about very-well organized theft of billions euros of money at the Royal Mint of Spain. The plan was orchestrated by a mastermind, the mysterious, The Profesor.

I don’t normally like suspense series, but this series is blowing my mind, the trick, the clash, the unnecessary romance and drama, all mixed together and makes me want to watch it again and again. I’ve remembered watching first 4 episodes strikes in one day, and I had to stop because I needed to sleep, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to work the next day. Rumors said the 4th seasons will be out this September. I’m really excited for that.


5. Sex Education

Sex Education is a British TV series. I know the title sounds silly and too teenage.. However it was surprisingly amusing to watch and bing. This show is about the life of a teenage boy, the son of a sex therapist, Otis. It still sounds silly, but actually living with his Mom, made him kind of expert about relationship and sex, and his friend, Maeve Willey, found out an opportunity to make Otis as her bussiness partner to give relationship & sex conselling to their teenagers entourage. She occupies the marketing side to find clients and make appointment, and Otis is in charge for the conselling. The shows is really effortlessly funny and natural. Yes, I can’t wait for next season to come out.


For those who watch Netflix too, feel free to drop your favourite series on the comments below..

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