Where to Eat in Rome

Having visited Rome for 5 days, here is a few gems of food & drink address in Rome that I will be happy to return to.

Restaurants 🍽

There are a lot of restaurants in Rome and it will be hard to choose when it is your first time visiting the city. Eventhough today you can read the Google reviews or TripAdvisor. It is still hard to find a worthy restaurant that is not a tourist trap.

Ristorante Arlù

A little restaurant located at Via del Falco, 3 to 5 minutes walk from Vatican City. There are several restaurants located at the same street, but only this restaurant had full customers in. I came here on a rainy evening without a reservation, yet the waitress and the owner let me wait and have a table about 15 minutes later. Restaurant Arlù gives us an Italian comfort food with an haute cuisine presentation and affordable price.

Click here for reservation.

Ristorante le Mani in Pasta 🍝

I came here by a friend’s recommendation and I can confirm I had the best pasta in my entire life. The restaurant is a truly hidden gem located in Trastevere area. It is small but perfect for intimate lunch or dining with exposed stonework & arches, for local seafood & pasta specialties. No need for reservation, but I suggest to get a reservation if you come as a group.

Trapizzino | Testaccio

Visited this place as it was recommended on many Rome City Guide. This popular street food is so far the best food I have in Rome, and I will absolutely happy to return to. The idea of this dish is a hybrid sandwich made on triangular pockets of pizza dough, filled with different stuffing such as spicy beef, chicken, beef tongue, or veggies option. I recommend the spicy beef, it reminds me of Indonesian beef stew, rendang. Beside the Trapizzino, you must also taste their Suppli (fried rice ball with beef cheese stuffing inside).

Cantina e Cucina 🍕

Located near the Piazza di Pasquino, Cantina e Cucina is one of the best restaurant in Rome. You can see by the people queuing outside the restaurant while the other restaurants next to them begging for customers. The waiter even gave us free drinks while waiting to get the table. After 20 minutes waiting, I had finally a proper Italian pepperoni pizza, fried squids and potatoes, it was really worth the wait. The restaurant is value for money, eventhough it is located in a tourist area.

Drinks & Gelato

Brivido Gelatoria🍦

Located in Trastevere area, not far from Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice. Went here after having Trapizzino in the same neighborhood. The owner were really nice and if you are vegan or looking for gluten free gelato, this gelatoria has many flavors to offer.  All the ice cream are homemade. This place is also recognised as one of the best gelato spot in Rome.

Scholars Lounge Irish Pub 🍻

Good place to have some break from a long walk visiting Landmarks in Rome. Situated near the Piazza Venezia. Humble services and nice drinks. If you don’t mind about the price, the bar is a bit pricey compare to similar kind of Irish pub.

Trinity College Pub 🍻

An Irish theme pub with a traditional mahogany interior. Not really far from the other Irish pub. They offer a happy hour, which only 5€ for some choices of good cocktails. It made me feel bumped after paying 12 € / cocktail at the Scholars Lounge Irish Pub.


I’ve had great experience in this tiny little bar at Trastevere neighborhood. The bartender is really well experienced and taking cocktails to another level. Even by looking at him making one cocktail to another cocktail, making you want to taste every cocktails listed on the menu. Things even get better, because they offer happy hour starts from 5 pm, you pay for less for great drinks.

Bali Bar 🍸

I went here to get some Asian food after 3 days non-stop eating Italian food. To be honest the food was not authentic as I expected, but they have a great dimly-lit Balinese-themed bar with comfy lounge seat offering some great choices of cocktails, which pretty nice to get into after a long day visiting the town.

Click here to get the address of my favourite food & drinks when in Rome.








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