Le Matin à Paris

What a wonderful thing waking up in a Parisian neighborhood. I’ve been doing this staycation in Paris for several times over the past year. It is somehow so relaxing and kind of worth to do when you live less than 2 hours from Paris. First time I tried this staycation was at Enghien les Bain, and Laz Hotel Spa Urbain, Paris. I actually really enjoy the idea of staying at the hotel, walking in a bathrobe, jump into a warm swimming pool, waking up the next day and having people serve you a full breakfast, well – it is a very nice way to treat yourself once in awhile after a full week of working.

This time, I chose to stay at the south of Pigalle, a quiet trendy area, just a view steps away from the quartier of Montmartre. The hotel is surrounded by lovely shops, delicatessens, florists, organic brasseries, design boutiques, an effervescent night scene, tiny streets and animated plazas, it effortlessly blends local neighborhood flavor with very Parisian raptures, traditional courtyards and avant-garde decor, family-style addresses and trendy hot-spots. For a foodie like me, the area is perfectly suitable for what I need. I don’t even need to use a metro ticket to find a good food. Everything is a t a walking-distance.

The hotel has indoor swimming pool at their basement. That’s actually the reason why I chose this hotel at the first place. After having a long day strolling around Paris, you can relax into a private pool  and having a nice hammam just for you. This hotel actually offers you 45 minutes private pool and hammam, it is not a lot, but at least way better to enjoy and relax without other hotel’s attendance.



Hotel Les Matins de Paris, 3 Rue Clauzel, 75009 Paris.

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