Spicy Fried Chicken

One of the good things during the quarantine is having more time to cook at home.  Fried chicken is one of my favorite food, but since the food chain KFC is closed due to Government’s lock-down. So, here’s a tasty, homemade version of Asian twist of fried chicken recipe from a good Chef friend of mine.


Fried chicken

3 Chicken thighs / 5 chicken wings
7 tbsp of flour
2 tbsp of corn starch /maïzena
1 tsp of chilli powder
1 tsp of garlic powder
1 tsp of cilantro/ coriander powder
1 tsp of curry powder
salt and pepper
3 whole eggs
vegetable oil for frying


Handful of coriander/ cilantro
Handful of Thai basil
1 stack of scallion
Half of lime
1/2 tsp of chilli powder
1 tbsp of sesame oil
1 tsp of Korean buldak sauce or Gochujang
1 tbsp Fish sauce
Sesame seed


Cut up your chicken, you’ll need to split the leg into thighs and drumstick, or cut up your chicken wings into two pieces.

Add flour, corn starch, chilli powder, garlic powder, cilantro/ coriander powder, curry powder, salt and pepper into mixing bowl. Mix it well using a table spoon.

Grab a big bowl, add the eggs and whisk it. Set a side.

Make sure one of your hand is dry, and the other is wet. Toss the chicken in the flour, using your dry hand. Then, use your wet hand to coat it with the egg. Finally, toss the chicken back in the flour. Set it aside on a baking tray. Repeat this step until all chicken parts are evenly coated.

Heat the vegetable oil until haze rises. Once it’s hot, turn down the heat, so you won’t burn your chicken. Fry the chicken in batches, so as not to crowd the pan. Do the dark meat first, skin-side down, turning. When the chicken is golden all over, cooked through and perfectly juicy with a crunchy crust, it’s done. Drain the chicken on a kitchen paper.

Finely chop the coriander and scallions, put it in a mixing bowl. Add chicken parts, chilli powder, fish sauce, sesame oil, add buldak sauce / gochujang and lime juice. Mix it using cooking gloves.

Place it nicely on a serving plate, scatter a handful of sesame seeds. Better to serve it with rice. Bon appétit! 

Here’s a video tutorial from my Chef friend. It’s only available in Indonesian language,  but I’m sure you will understand.

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